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Red prides itself at being very well-rounded, meaning we can handle pretty much any project you come up with! Listed below are the services we offer from simple promotional design to complete digital campaigns and more. Feel free to browse through and see what we can do for you! If you already know what you’re looking for, send us a note.

Book Cover Design
We offer design options for both print and eBook covers with experienced designers who have worked with published titles.

One of the most important things to stick with when your book is releasing is solid branding and marketing. These days, authors must put themselves out there every way possible. We offer a wide range of promotional material design to fit all of your marketing needs.

  • bookmarks
  • postcards
  • business cards
  • bookplates
  • stationary
  • letterheads
  • envelopes
  • stickers
  • buttons

Digital Marketing/Ad Campaigns
Leading up to your book’s release, it is important to promote as much as possible. We will design and maintain an entire marketing campaign based on your needs to help spread the word.

One of our most exciting endeavors is our partnership with Teen Eyes Editorial. If you are looking to have your manuscript polished, looked over, or even edited heavily, they’ve got you covered. Learn more about Teen Eyes.

Event Coverage
Are you having a book event in the New York City area and you’d like covered professionally? We offer a few different packages that will work for you!

  • photography package
  • video package
  • photo + video package

Our photographers take pride in their work with both portrait and high concept photography. Some option we offer are:

  • author photos
  • book cover shoots
  • book-inspired shoots

Social Media Strategy
Let’s be honest. No one is perfect when it comes to social media. That’s where we come in. We will teach you how to use social media to gain followers through strategic marketing across all social media sites. Never again use the excuse “I just don’t have the time.” Social media is necessary.

Our team of videographers have worked on countless projects giving them the experience needed to take your book to the next level. We offer:

  • author interviews
  • promotional videos

If you would like Red to design for you, send us a note.